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Autumn Course in Japan 2018

Autumn Course in Japan

Autumn Course Introduction

The autumn of Kyoto is a wonderful season for experiencing the wonderful scenery of Kamogawa, shrine and temples, shrouded in the vivid colours of the autumn leaves.

Kyoto is stunning at this time of year, and the changing colors of the fall leaves reach the north of the country before the rest of Japan. Reds, yellows and greens weave together in a beautiful vivid display that you can enjoy within the city of Kyoto itself, or through exploring the local countryside. This October, you can enjoy studying Japanese in a refreshing and comfortable climate, find the space to focus on your studies, and enjoy the many delicacies that Kyoto has to offer in the autumn season.

2018 Autumn Course :
Monday 1st October 2018 – Friday 2nd November 2018

* It is possible to begin on any Monday and graduate on any Friday.
* You can participate for as little as one week.

Course Fee: 32,700JPY per week
Levels: Beginner – Advanced (All levels)
Time: 9:30 – 12:20
(Each day there are 3 x 50 minute Japanese lessons)
Class size: Maximum of 8 students
Places: 30

Please check the detailed schedule for more information. Autumn Course pamphlet.

The Advantage of Kyoto in Autumn


The way in which tradition and modernity, and city and nature are interwoven are said to be characteristic of Kyoto.
In the autumn, many visitors can relax while touring the temples, shrines and Kamogawa rivers shrouded with the rich colours of autumn foliage.
In addition, it is a real pleasure to be able to enjoy the delicious food of autumn in Kyoto, a city of gourmands where food from all over the country can be sampled. The chance to study Japanese while enjoying delicious food and overlooking the Kamogawa river should not be missed!

For more information on Kyoto please go to the Kyoto information page.

Japanese Lessons at Kyoto JaLS.

At Kyoto JaLS, we have tailored our curriculum to promote active usage of Japanese during your short stay in Japan.

Japanese lessons

In order to improve your Japanese conversational skills within a short period of time, we focus on three main areas – practice, speak and use! The classes at Kyoto JaLS are designed for a maximum of 6 people in each class. This way, our teachers are able to coach our students individually, giving you plenty of chance to clarify doubts and practice Japanese. After class, students are encouraged to use Japanese actively out of school and on the streets of Kyoto!

Example of Japanese Lessons

Beginner level

Shopping in Japanese

1.Learning grammar and vocabulary in class
2.Using the new grammar and vocabulary while shopping!

Intermediate level

Writing a report on popular restaurants and shops

1.Learn how to conduct an interview in Japanese
2. Interview people at the restaurant/shop
3. Write, draw, create a report!

Practice Japanese in cultural experience and activities

At Kyoto JaLS, students get many chances to use Japanese outside of the classroom. Every day, we have a mini event for JaLS students, staff, students from local universities, and working adults from Kyoto to meet, interact and have fun together. It’s a great way for you to practice Japanese and make new friends!

We strongly encourage our short-term students to participate in the after-class activities. By speaking to our volunteers in Japanese, your language skills will advance rapidly and you will be able to enjoy speaking Japanese!

Learning support

・Complimentary use of our café lounge
Students who choose not to take part in after class activities are free to study in our café lounge. Teachers are available in the staff room to answer your questions. We hope this will aid you in your studies!
・Exchange session with local Japanese
It is important to talk Japanese with the teachers, but if you get a chance to speak with other local Japanese, it is a good practice too. During your stay in Japan, Kyoto JaLS’s exchange session will help you make friends with Japanese people.
・Free Japanese lessons
Every week we offer free Japanese lessons. From conversation classes with Japanese locals to a place to practice kanji, the lessons are varied and lots of fun.
・More than 100 reference books available for your use
If you have any questions during your self study time, please feel free to ask your teachers. We are more than happy to help you find the study method and materials that fit you best.