Discover Japan for yourself with our activity and culture program!
Make the most of seasonal and local events,
and immerse yourself in Japanese culture as you study the language.


Take part in a variety of activities to get the most out of your Japanese experience.

Let’s enjoy Nagoya!

Outdoor Activities

Kyoto is in mix of nature, temples and city making it easy to experience Japanese outdoor, spritual, and urban life no matter the season.

Social Activities

Many local Japanese students and professionals join our school social activities, so they are the ideal events to make local friends!

Food Activities

People from all over the world visit Kyoto to experience traditionnal food and culture. In Kyoto you can enjoy traditional restaurants, tea houses, and walk through the local markets. Sample the finest food Japan has to offer!

Tour Activities

At Nagoya JaLS, we run many day trips, and even overnight stays. Throughout the year, there are also many local festivals to enjoy in Nagoya.


To truly develop a deep knowledge of a country,
it is important to dive into the culture as well as the language.
Nagoya JaLS has uniquely developed courses that enable students to learn many Japanese cultural arts from trained instructors.

  • Flower

  • Tea

  • Kimono

  • Sushi

  • Fan &
    Seal Printing

  • Kendo

  • Taiko

  • Soba

  • Indigo

  • Chopstick

  • and more…