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The northernmost region of Japan offers many opportunities to enjoy nature, snow in the winter, and great food all year round. Experience Japanese city life in Sapporo whilst having the opportunity to get away from it all.



Nagoya is conveniently located between Tokyo and Osaka and near diverse attractions such as Shirakawa-go and Ise Jingu Shrine. Why not enjoy studying in Japan with a sense of history in this land where warlords once reigned?



The old capitol of Japan is renowned for its temples, geisha, and nature. There are many opportunities to immerse yourself in traditional culture, live in an urban environment, and experience all four seasons.



JaLS GROUP cares for the needs of each
and every student and is driven by 6 core values.


JaLS GROUP is unique in its diversity.
Whatever your age, gender, or nationality, you are welcome here!

Student Countries

Meet people from around the world! Annually, students from over 50 countries join us, and almost every part of the globe is represented. At JaLS GROUP, students can make lifelong friends and be a part of a strong, vibrant, international community.


- Lara Ruani Drieberg, Australia
JaLS provided me with all of the support I needed to start my Working Holiday experience smoothly

Student Age

Whatever your age, you are welcome at JaLS GROUP! We accept students ages 14 and upand have no upper age limit. Every year we see multiple generations able to study Japanese together and enjoy their life in Japan.


- Tang Tzu Ting, Taiwan
Studying a challenging new language in a welcoming environment

Student Gender

We also see a good balance of male and female students studying with us across a variety of Japanese levels.We welcome those wishing to study with friends or family,alongside students who are traveling to Japan by themselves. JaLS is the place to be part of a great community!


- Nicolas Egea, USA
JaLS small class sizes allowed teachers to give each student the personal attention they needed to improve their Japanese skills


we are proud to have been awarded ‘Language School of the Year’
from a variety of notable organisations since 2015.


2023 Star Awards: World Language School - ST Magazine


2022 Star Awards: World Language School - ST Magazine


2020/21 Star Awards: World Language School - ST Magazine


2020 Star Awards: World Language School - ST Magazine


2019/2020: World Language School of the Year Japan - iStudy Awards


2019 Star Awards: World Language School - ST Magazine


2018/2019: World Language School of the Year Japan - iStudy Awards


2018 Star Awards: World Language School - ST Magazine


2017/18 Top Language School in Japan - iStudy Awards


2016/17 Top Language School in Japan - iStudy Awards


2016: Top Language School in the World - GoAbroad


2015: Top Language School in the World - GoAbroad



    A message from the school principal.

    Welcome to
    JaLS Group!

    Rieko Nishio
    School principal


    I’m Rieko Nishio, the Principal of JaLS GROUP, and we started the school in 2012. I have always had a passion for teaching Japanese language and culture and I trained to be a Japanese teacher at a professional school where I became a licensed teacher. Afterwards, I taught Japanese in Tokyo, before moving to Vietnam for 2 years. I returned to Japan and gained further experience in marketing and sales before moving to Malaysia to teach Japanese. Throughout my time teaching Japanese, I met many students and heard their stories. I found that students studying Japanese abroad often had a passion to learn the language because of their love for the culture, the people, and an appreciation for the Japanese way of life.

    However, when I taught in Japan, I also met students who lost their love the language after moving to the country. Many of them had found it difficult to make friends or told me they felt like there was a wall between them and the Japanese community. Japan was oftenly not what they expected it to be. After hearing about these experiences, I decided to move back to Japan and create a different kind of Japanese language school. Our hope is that our students will be able to become part of the Japanese community, rediscover their love for Japanese life, and enjoy their language learning journey. JaLS has been running for a number of years, and we have many stories from students who have enjoyed every moment of their time here - this makes us more passionate about developing our school and community even further! Why not come and join us in Japan this year?


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