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  1. Australia

    JaLS provided me with all of the support I needed to start my Working Holiday experience smoothly

    Lara Ruani Drieberg

    I have loved my time studying Japanese at JaLS.
    All the teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging. They made me feel completely comfortable to speak up and make mistakes in class. I think this is really important when learning a new language.
    It's more expensive than some other language schools, but the classes are guaranteed to be small so it's worth the cost.
    The JaLS staff are really helpful about organising accommodation and giving advice on setting up your life in Japan (subway cards, directions, bank account, phone etc). This was critical when we first arrived and couldn't understand the language at all!!
    There is a beautiful lounge area with an attached bookstore and cafe in the building which is a great place to hang out, meet people and do your homework after class.
    I am heading south later in the year and already thinking about enrolling at JaLS Kyoto.

  2. Taiwan

    Studying a challenging new language in a welcoming environment

    Tang Tzu Ting

    Learning a different language had never been easy for me, but JaLS was able to give me a pleasant learning experience. I did a short-term course in a totally Japanese-only environment, which was quite intense, but actively pushed me to use more Japanese. This helped me greatly improve my Japanese oral and listening skills. The additional activities outside of class were really fun, and I got to experience cultural exchanges not only with Japanese people, but with my other international classmates as well!

  1. USA

    JaLS small class sizes allowed teachers to give each student the personal attention they needed to improve their Japanese skills

    Nicolas Egea

    When I began my search for schools to study Japanese in Sapporo, I wanted to ensure the classroom environment was one that would allow me to comfortably ask questions when I felt the need to. With JaLS being able to offer the smaller class sizes that they do, it allows the students to not only feel comfortable with asking any questions they may have during lessons, but it also allows the instructor to easily devote the attention each student needs to improve their language skills.
    The kind teachers and lounge area allow for an environment that allows you to communicate with the other students after class, which makes conversation and finding new friends relatively easily. As others may have mentioned already, the school is a bit more costly than others in the city, but I can say that the benefits offered justify the higher fees. I recommend emailing the school beforehand as they are willing to swiftly answer any questions you may have before paying any costs. Regardless of how you want to spend your time in Sapporo, enjoy the adventure!

  2. Indonesia

    Friendly and supportive staff were able to help me get the most out of my Japan experience, and also helped me feel at home and comfortable in a new country

    Aprilia Agatha Gunawan

    Personally, coming from a tropical country and staying for 3 months in snowy Sapporo with no prior experience living in such weather seemed like a big challenge, but everything went smoothly thanks to Hokkaido JaLS’ attentive and friendly assistance. Everything about Japan that I had been wanting to experience, including language, culture, and daily life could be easily discovered at Hokkaido JaLS. The staff are friendly, and so welcoming and supportive of all of your needs. Every activity is organized thoroughly and allows you to make contact with various kind of people from different cultural backgrounds. Suffice to say, being in Hokkaido JaLS allowed me to find a second home in Japan that I didn`t know I was missing.

  1. USA

    Amazing program at Kyoto JaLS!

    Katrina Carr

    Kyoto JaLS has a very tight knit and supportive family environment where staff members and teachers are willing and eager to help you whenever you needed help or advice. Everyone at Kyoto JaLS made sure that you were having a good time while at school and were very friendly and engaging. There were many cultural activities that the students get to experience that take you to many different places in Kyoto.
    The small class sizes also hosted by JaLS provide a perfect environment for to learn Japanese comfortably. In my class I always felt very encouraged and supported by my classmates and teacher. JaLS provides a very supportive environment to learn Japanese efficiently but still leaves plenty of time to have lots of fun after class.
    JaLS is also a wonderful place to make friends with students from all over the world. I have met many good friends from Sapporo and Kyoto JaLS and I cannot wait to return so I can to make more!
    I would recommend Sapporo and Kyoto JaLS to anyone who is interested in an amazing and unforgettable adventure in Japan.

  2. Iceland

    I graduated from JaLS with great memories and new friendships from all around the world, and JaLS students always find ways to meet each other again.

    Elisabet Snorradottir

    I did try out a different language school in Japan in between, but I can say with full confidence that I prefered the study program better at JaLS. Each class does not go over 8 students per room, which means there is enough time for the teacher to focus on each student. You have two different teachers throughout the week, so the subject you are studying gets tackled from a different point of view, which I find very practical. JaLS staff are very quick to respond to you whenever you need something, whatever it is. I managed to lose my backpack with my wallet and all important possessions inside. JaLS staff went out of their way to talk to the police and provide them a phone number to contact in case the bag was found (thankfully it was). I’ve been to three cities in Japan and Kyoto, I’ve experienced, is the richest in culture so far. Overall my experience with JaLS has never disappointed me.

  1. France

    Kyoto JaLS offers countless opportunities to practice japanese even outside the classroom.

    Elise Ringenbach

    The members of the staff- whose kindness and eagerness to help are remarkable- always engaged in conversation with us on various topics and resorted to different levels of language in order to help us understand if it was too difficult the first time. I really appreciated the efforts made to help me understand. Also, both the teachers and the staff provided me with a lot of recommendations and advices on a wide range of topics regarding Kyoto or the japanese culture, and their interest always seemed genuine.
    The learning space in itself is amazing. I really liked the style of the Co&Co lounge, really cosy and new, and it made us felt at home immediately. The fact that japanese people are also studying there is a great opportunity to make friends and engage in conversations in japanese (there are also special events organized by the school to facilitate these language exchanges, such as international parties or games conducted in japanese). The multicultural environment was very pleasant and exactly what I was hoping to find before coming.

  2. Canada

    There are also lots of opportunities to meet and make friends with native Japanese speakers

    Nashaat Ghanem

    My experience with JaLS has been overwhelmingly positive! The teachers and staff are kind and hardworking, my classmates are friendly and truly international, and the school itself is simply amazing. Classes are really small so, unlike other schools I've been to, I actually get to really know my classmates and spend a lot of class time talking in Japanese. The school offers activities almost everyday to explore Kyoto attractions, culture, and cuisine. There are also lots of opportunities to meet and make friends with native Japanese speakers who use the same shared space that JaLS is a part of. Over the past few weeks I've definitely noticed an improvement in my Japanese, especially conversational ability and overall confidence. I am very happy that I chose JaLS!


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