Discover Japan for yourself with our activity and culture program!
Make the most of seasonal and local events and immerse yourself in Japanese culture as you study the language.


Outdoor Activities

Nagoya is a unique city that combines historical objects such as castles, temples and shrines with modern technology. Enjoy both sides of ‘Japan’ in Nagoya!

mountain climbing, tea picking, cherry-blossom viewing, etc.
fruit picking, canoeing, rafting, etc.
leaf viewing, vegetable harvest experience, etc
trolley trains, making mochi, etc
Social Activities

Many local Japanese students and professionals join our school social activities, so they are the ideal events to make local friends!

  • Karaoke
  • Local student city tour
  • Games nights
  • Movies
  • Cafe hang-outs
  • Visiting local restaurants
  • International parties
  • And more…
Gourmet Activities

Many people from all over the world visit Nagoya. You can experience a lot of traditional and region-specific food culture. Enjoy the unique flavours of Nagoya!

  • Nagoya is known for good place to enjoy “MISO” – Miso Gourmet Tour
  • Tour of recommended ramen shops not listed in guidebooks
  • Nagoya’s ‘hitsu-mabushi’, a must-try at least once.
  • Taste of the common people, okonomiyaki and takoyaki
  • And more…
Tour Activities

At Nagoya JaLS, we run many day trips, and even overnight stays. Throughout the year, there are also many local festivals to enjoy in Nagoya.

  • Gifu(Shirakawago)
  • Ise shrine
  • Kyoto temple
  • BBQ at Mikawa Bay Side
  • And more…


Explore the traditional style of Japanese drumming that is so famous all over the world and try your own hand at keeping rhythm and perfecting your technique.
Enjoy one of the most classically renown Japanese cultural experiences and begin to understand the meanings behind the deep tradition.
Enjoy wearing traditional Japanese clothing and learn how to wear for yourself. Afterwards, enjoy photo opportunities and some local sightseeing in full kimono!
Learn how to make the most famous of all Japanese foods: sushi! It’s a lot harder than it looks, but a lesson from a professional will help you to go a long way.
Fan & Seal
Make traditional Japanese crafts to take home and create a memory that will last far after your trip has finished. In this session we learn the classical art of creating a family seal and printing for yourself.
Enjoy one of the most loved Japanese martial arts and take part in a basic kendo class. Learn the foundational skills you need to keep progressing in the future too.