Kyoto JaLS offers state of the art facilities,
specially designed for your comfort and
learning needs.

Facilities and Services
  • 12 group lesson classrooms
  • 5 one-to-one classrooms
  • Lounge space with about 100 seats
  • Optional coin-locker service
  • Optional printing and copying services
  • Classrooms
    Modern and freshly designed classrooms, ideal for small-group learning.
  • Power Access
    Convenient locations to plug in your laptop, phone or other device.
  • Good Access
    We are conveniently located near local train and subway stations.
  • Small Class Size
    We cap class sizes at 8 people to maximise individual learning and effectiveness.
  • Book
    Various learning, travel, and language resourses are available for browsing and buying.
  • Student
    Relax and enjoy our international community space, with regular events to take part in.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Fast and convenient internet access is available throughout the facility.
  • Café
    Freshly brewed coffee and local snacks available from morning to evening.
  • Study Hall
    Focus more intensively using our quiet study area when you need to concentrate.


Fully equipped and beautifully designed spaces to support your learning needs.


Our classrooms are designed to make the most of our small group sizes and give you plenty of chances to communicate easily. Bright designs, wide desks and natural lighting all assist in helping you to concentrate each day.

Book Shop

Our select book shop is fully stocked with language and general interest books that can assist you in your studies and wider life in Japan. These are free to browse through in the café or purchase.

Seminar Room

Smaller events and sessions often take place in our well-resourced seminar room. If you have any specific event ideas or interests, get in touch!

Study Room

Our large and study room is available for those who need quiet to focus on their studies. Private and partitioned booths keep distractions out so that you can concentrate and make the best use of your time.

Small Guidance Room

Our support team is always available to provide any necessary guidance or assistance. Conslult us for anything during your stay in Japan.



Our large and well-equipped community spaces provide
the perfect environment to relax and meet new people while you are in Japan.


Our large and vibrant lounge space is the perfect spot to combine study and socialization. Many local people also use our facility. This provides plenty of opportunities to make local friends and practice Japanese in a natural setting.

notice board

There are many activities offered throughout the week and it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Our notice board displayes the main activities, cultural lessons, and events happening every month. Be sure to check in and look for what you would like to take part in.


Our café serves a selection of fresh coffee, cold drinks and local food from morning to evening. It’s the perfect spot to refresh, relax and clear your head during a busy day.


Event Space

Social events and special video previews take place in our event space. Make the most of a relaxing evening with friends, or just enjoy a popular Japanese video for fun!


Make the most of all the events that we have on offer in our community space. Make international friends, but also push yourself out of your comfort zone and practice your Japanese each day!