Meet the Teacher:Nahoko Iijima

    meet the teacher nahoko iijima

    • Name: Nahoko Iijima
    • Birthplace: Hokkaido
    • Occupation: Japanese language teacher
    • Hobbies: Observing rabbits
    • Favorite Book: The Happiest Man in the World (Eddie Jake)
    • Favorite film: Place in the heart (1984) / And baton handed (2021)
    • Favorite Color: Cream Yellow
    • Favorite word: Ayu Ashichi

    I was born in Doto, Hokkaido, where nature is abundant, so I used to ride drift ice in winter⛄
    My father was an elementary school teacher, so he moved once every three years because of his work,
    Thanks to that, I have a personality full of adventurous spirit and curiosity, and I am grateful now😊

    JaLS, where I work now, attracts many students from more than 50 countries, regardless of age or gender 🌎
    Also, not only Japanese language schools but also English conversation and Asian language schools for local people are provided,
    Despite studying abroad for a short time, students are able to make many friends, including local people!
    Also, for after-school and weekend activities, even students who are very nervous before leaving will be able to get along well with everyone, including the staff by the time they come back. It’s so nice to see them like that💝

    Also, in the lesson, I have to prepare according to the students’ level every week. The motivated spirit of the students makes me feel that it is an environment where i can always do my best and feel rewarded.

    For me, who has spent time and worked in various environments, JaLS is very special and unique. Because it’s a school where you can feel motivated and fun, at the same time, improve yourself as a leader. Everyday feels as fresh as a flowing river.


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