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Finding a Job as an International Student Intern in Japan

You could believe that it’s difficult for an international student to secure an internship in Japan. You can discover professional prospects in Japan, just like how inviting it is to exchange students! Even though some foreign students only remain in Japan temporarily, many opt to work part-time jobs to get experience and support themselves. Work as an intern in Japan if you’re a student hoping to acquire a position that would ultimately ensure your career!

Finding an Internship as an International Student: Study and Work in Japan

When you want to work as an intern in Japan, having excellent Japanese language abilities is definitely advantageous. You will be employed by a Japanese company, after all! But you have many of options to find employment in Japan, just like any other foreign student. Determine the sector of the economy you want to work in, the job you want to pursue, and the experiences you want to gain. The first step is always to identify your own objectives.
In Japan, there are around 300,000 foreign students. Although it may seem as if you are up against these hundreds of thousands, be assured that you will quickly discover your own niche. All you need to do is know where to look! Establish your objectives before looking for internships. There are a lot of possibilities, therefore here are three strategies for limiting your options:

Consult your school

Universities in Japan provide internship opportunities for students. Start by speaking with the college you’re enrolled in! It might be practical in many ways to work as an intern at the institution where you are enrolled. No additional time will be required to look for internships outside. You will have a more well-rounded educational experience as a result of simply having to get acquainted with the same region and locations in Japan.
One of the Japanese colleges well renowned for providing internship opportunities is the University of Tokyo. You may look into their summer internship program, which you may have heard of. You may wish to focus on your applications in June and July as the number of internships in Japan surges in August every year if you want to acquire one.
A trip to the job center at your institution may be helpful since universities collaborate with several Japanese businesses. A lot of career centers host job fairs and provide advice. The internship opportunities you find at colleges are often not accessible elsewhere, therefore they are only open to students who are already enrolled. Additionally, your institution may help you with your application!

Agency listings for internships

Placement agencies for internships are able to assist since the number of overseas students grows every year. Your best chance of getting an internship may be via these placement services! You can find everything in English since they cater exclusively to foreign students in Japan. All you have to do is email your information and let the agency know about your top choices after you’ve decided on an internship placement agency. Your internship possibilities will be handled by them!
You may claim that internship placement services can help you avoid wasting time on the job search. Of course, they are connected to many colleges and businesses looking for interns. You may be certain that they are aware of how to go past your worries. You might start your application process by researching well-known internship placement companies like Meiji Internships.
Be aware that using a placement agency for internships will be more expensive than choosing another route. The application, registration, and other costs that your agency will demand should be taken into account. To help you create your budget, it would be useful to ask about the payments. You’re fine to go apart from that. You’ll soon be experiencing your first day as an intern in Japan.

Online Lookup

Searching for internships online is an other method. Searching for “internship in Japan” or similar terms will already return hundreds of prospects. You’ll identify businesses right away that you may be interested in working with! Examine both English and Japanese websites to expand your options.
In Japan, there are several internet employment sites with enormous databases. You may enter your favorite region, industry, and vocation to get a variety of openings right now. For instance, provides a list of popular internship positions as well as notable firms. You could also look at websites for internships like 01 Intern. This website provides a list of several businesses that provide long-term, paid internships in Japan.
Reading blogs might help you learn more about internships in Japan. Your finest sources can be foreign students who have taken internships in the land of the rising sun! Testimonials might serve as your direction. You’ll soon be submitting an application to a business for your personal experience! You’re more likely to discover employment possibilities and internships that might lead to job offers via internet job and internship portals.


The great educational system in Japan could help you benefit from an internship. Think about developing your career and becoming an expert worldwide! Start working on your applications now and pursue your internship goals in Japan. Currently studying in Japan? To find possibilities, ask around! If you’re seeking for alternatives, you may always search online for affordable internship placement services. On your first day, good luck!

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