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Japanese government passes legislation to encourage foreigners living abroad to study Japanese

Unquestionably, many foreigners dream of living and studying in Japan. The standard of living and education in the nation are excellent! 2019 saw a total of 2,829,416 foreign residents registered in Japan, and the administration had previously budgeted for a significant rise in those figures after the approval of the “Specified Skills” visa. As a response to Japan’s severe labor shortage, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe authorized the Specified Skills or tokutei ginou () visa last year. In the land of the rising sun, you have more opportunities to work or attend school!
For many years, Japan has been advancing toward globalization. How well-versed are you on the present circumstances regarding foreign residents in Japan? The Japanese government has some exciting news if you want to immigrate to or study in Japan. The Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill will soon increase access for foreigners to studying and residing in Japan.

The Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill is being studied in Japan.

The Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill was created by a group of legislators and was passed on June 20, 2019, by the Upper House Committee on Education and Science. The bill’s main emphasis is on the duties of the Japanese government and business community in promoting Japanese language and culture, particularly to foreign residents of the nation. Everyone may use it, including children, workers, families, and students.
The purpose of the law is to provide foreign nationals who live in the country the chance to learn Japanese in a way that “matches their needs, abilities, and circumstances they are placed in.” All of them are under the control of the Japanese national and municipal governments. Despite the fact that the bill’s passage is still in its early stages, the following may be anticipated based on the facts made public:

Education in Japanese

The “Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill” gives foreigners in Japan priority when it comes to receiving Japanese language instruction. It will guarantee that you can learn Japanese at a pace that’s right for you, including writing, reading, and speaking! The effective facilitation of Japanese language instruction for foreigners in the nation is still required, despite the existence of JENESYS and several other Japanese language and cultural programs by Japanese institutions.
You may also get scholarships from organizations like the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology to study in Japan. However, if you want to live and work in Japan, the law is designed to help you if you don’t speak the language well enough. As the nation continues to welcome more overseas students, legislator Masaharu Nakagawa said that Japan must “provide a sufficient environment” where foreigners may learn Japanese.
The measure intends to improve Japanese language instruction in Japan so that foreigners living there may integrate peacefully and pleasantly. This will provide tutoring chances for non-Japanese workers and their families! While we wait for the government to act, are you trying to learn the language? Look into several low-cost or free Japanese language courses in your area.

Superior Japanese Courses

If Japan needs to improve its Japanese language instruction, qualified Japanese language instructors are also required. A requirement of the measure is for the federal government to “develop appropriate means for assessing language skills,” highlighting the need of training proficient language instructors. As a result, there is a chance that the government would collaborate with the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) to develop the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The greatest will be teaching you the language!
There isn’t a formal certification for Japanese language instructors in Japan right now. This, the quality of Japanese schools, and teacher pay are all issues that the law seeks to solve. The government may potentially create a national system for the deployment of Japanese language instructors. Expect Japan to put out concrete initiatives to advance the teaching of the Japanese language.
The Japanese government encourages foreign nationals residing there to feel at home. As a result, you won’t need to be scared by the local language and culture and will gradually start to feel like a part of the group. The largest problem might be learning the language, hence it is important to have competent language tutors. You can expect top-notch Japanese instruction!

Encourage the Japanese culture

Foreigners looking for first-hand Japan experience will love the many Japanese language and culture programs. The cultural immersion component of these programs—where students visit different Japanese locations and participate in cultural events—may be its most interesting feature. You may aspire for better exposure to Japanese culture with the Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill!
The value of Japanese education to foreign immigrants was very briefly recognized in a statute that supports Japanese culture and art in 2001. Its main objective was to get outsiders to learn about Japanese culture, but there was no absorption. The goal of the Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill is to advance both the Japanese language and culture. After all, both are equally important.
The programs that promote Japanese culture to international students may be strengthened using the material now accessible on the Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill. More educational initiatives that allow international students to understand more about Japanese history may be included in the new law. What is the cultural importance of tea ceremonies, kimonos, temples, and other celebrations? There is plenty to learn and experience as you adapt to Japanese culture!


You may be certain that you’ll have more options to study, work, and live in the nation thanks to The Japanese Language Education Promotion Bill, which advocates for high-quality Japanese language instruction for foreign residents in Japan. The measure pushes companies to support their employees’ desire to learn the language and may serve as a legal foundation for the government to create educational initiatives. Japan is paving the path for you to settle in the nation!

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