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Switching the Student Visa from the Language School

Changing a student visa from one that is for a language school to another student visa
What happens if you finally arrive in Japan to enroll in a language school and then decide on the spur of the moment that you want to continue your education at a different institution? You would undoubtedly worry about your visa in addition to the money, lodging, and other things. There you are. Also, I’ve been there! I also took all the necessary steps to fulfill my newly discovered desire of studying in Japan. This post will compile all of the information you need to be ready to switch from your current language school visa to another student visa.

How to Switch from a Language School Visa to a Different Student Visa for Japan Study

A Japanese student visa comes in many grades. What you apply for will depend on how long you want to study for and where you will be located. The limits on each student visa vary as well. The most likely benefits are from attending a Japanese university. Since your original intention was just to enroll in a language program, you have undoubtedly already identified the kind of visa you need. However, now that you’ve made the decision to continue your studies in Japan, it’s time to focus on getting a visa!
Just relax. Obtaining paperwork in Japan as a foreigner caused me some anxiety as well. Please be aware that your school is always there to assist you, and they can even submit your application! Even if my school was helping me, in my instance, I still needed to know the procedure. I was given a list of the required paperwork after asking what I should do. I then submitted the petitions to both my old and new schools, and I finally waited for my modified visa. Let’s go to work on your to-do list now:

Existing school

You may seek for help with your student visa no matter where you are enrolled right now. You will often need to get your most recent transcript of grades as well as your attendance record from school. These papers will demonstrate your strong academic performance! In order for your application to be approved, keep in mind that your presence is important.
In addition to these two papers, I had to provide a certificate of anticipated graduation. Rest confident that your present school will let you know if your language school needs anything more in addition to the aforementioned documentation. They have a responsibility to provide you anything you could need for altering your visa. You may then go to your new school to finish up a different set of prerequisites.

Fresh school

I discovered a prospective school while attending a language school, which motivated me to continue my studies in Japan. So, if you already have yours, go ahead and ask for the required paperwork! You must get a certification of acceptance from your new school. Please take notice that it’s distinct from the admissions notification. To prove to Japan’s Immigration Bureau that you have decided on your educational goals, it would be preferable if you possessed this.
There was one condition that surprised me. I had no notion what to do with pages 4 and 5 of the visa application when I was instructed to get them. Fortunately, the schools are prepared to provide you what you need. The procedure of switching student visas is no longer novel since many overseas students take advantage of the chance to continue their education in Japan. Take the effort to inquire about any extra needs!

Additional Conditions

Additionally, you must create other papers on your own, such as duplicates of your residency card (be sure to include the front and back!). Additionally, provide a copy of your passport, which should include the main page and the stamp from your most recent work permit. Obviously, you should plan ahead and have money set out for immigration fees. I had around 4,000 JPY on hand. My institution further charged me for submitting my application. You may always inquire about the costs for precise budgeting.
If you want to attend a trade school or professional training institution (Senmon Gakko, ), you will also need to include additional papers on your list. Make a duplicate of your bank account’s current balance-displaying book. Include copies of any bank transfer receipts you have received if you have received money that way. If you returned home with a lot of cash, you must additionally present copies of the entrance and departure stamps from your passport. It’s submission time after you’ve finished them!


For many years, Japan has been embracing globalization and has welcomed hundreds of thousands of international students. Student visas are always accessible, regardless of how long you plan to spend studying there. If you desire to go further, you may apply for a change of student visa after enrolling in language schools as your first step. Initially, I was intimidated by it as well, but getting through my fears created additional possibilities! To get a top-notch education in Japan, find out the prerequisites, fulfill them, and inquire!

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