The advantages of studying abroad in Japan
Numerous prospective individuals who desire to study abroad or overseas often choose to do so in Japan. In actuality, more than 298,000 foreigners are continuing to study in the Land of the Rising Sun as of 2019.
The Japanese government has also urged visitors to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the nation. The administration’s approach has been successful; by 2020, the population will almost certainly exceed the target number of 300,000 international students due to the rapid expansion.
But why is Japan such a desirable destination for students? What benefits are these pupils thinking about? We’ll talk about the advantages of being an international student in Japan in this post.

System of High-Quality Education

Japan has long been renowned for the high caliber of its educational system. Japan was placed ninth among the top 10 nations with the greatest educational systems in the world in 2019. The nation has been included on this exclusive list for a number of years.
The Japanese educational system places a strong emphasis on important disciplines including the Japanese language, social studies, arithmetic, science, music, home economics, and even the English language.
The Japanese educational system has always placed such a high value on the education it provides students, encouraging those who are interested to follow in the footsteps of previous international students who have only had good things to say about the country in terms of its academic standing.
It won’t come as a surprise to learn that Japan will continue to rank among the finest countries in the world in terms of academic excellence given how excellent its educational system is.

Numerous Outstanding Universities

The proverb “There is plenty of fish in the sea” may be familiar to you. Since there are many alternatives available to international students, the same attitude may be used when looking for the top institutions in the Land of the Rising Sun.
There are really over 780 institutions spread out throughout the nation for international students to choose from. This is fantastic news for those who are still selecting where they want to study since it gives them many options.
Three universities are among the most well-known in the world out of the more than 700 institutions. The Academic Ranking of World Universities’ 2019 World Rankings List includes rankings for the Universities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya.

Many Job Possibilities Following Graduation

Imagine how simple it would be for foreigners who have lived in Japan for a long time to obtain work if hundreds of thousands of foreigners from other countries were able to do so.
Companies in Japan are likely to recruit overseas students because they won’t have to go through the adjustment phase any longer, in addition to being more acquainted with the nation. They have extensive experience engaging with Japanese people, are fluent in the language, and are well-versed in the nation’s distinctive culture and customs.
Careers in engineering, education, banking, the military, information technology, translating, and interpreting are available in the Land of the Rising Sun for international students who will apply for a work visa after graduating.

Japanese life is Fantastic

The largest advantage of studying in Japan, apart from the top-notch educational system, the abundance of top colleges, and the many career options after graduation, is getting to live in Japan.
Any outsider would tell you how wonderful it is to live in the Land of the Rising Sun. The nation has excellent public transit, a safe environment, and some of the top health insurance plans in the world.
The food of the country is very well known for its distinctive flavor. If you haven’t tasted dishes like sashimi, udon, tempura, ramen, donburi, soba, gyoza, tonkatsu, takoyaki, and yakisoba, you’re losing out.
But what makes life in Japan so wonderful is the Japanese people. Everyone is really kind, gracious, and considerate. If you want to remain here to further your education, you’ll undoubtedly pick up a lot of attributes.


Being an international student in the Land of the Rising Sun has several advantages. The slight disadvantages are much outweighed by benefits including a fantastic education system, first-rate schools, promising possibilities, and an enjoyable way of life.
We wish you well in making your decision to study in Japan after reading this article. I wish you success in your academics!

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