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Hokkaido JaLS aims to support you to find the best fit possible
for your Japanese learning needs in a supported and flexible environment.

Standard +
Internship Course

The Hokkaido JaLS Internship Program (Internship Program) is a unique combination of language learning and work experience that guarantees to prepare you for employment in an international environment and offer life changing opportunities in Japan.Our commitment to you is simple.

We will Engage you in active learning and practical work experience. Equip you with the language and business skills you need to be successful in an international environment. Support you to have the best experience possible. Release your potential and confidence.

You will take 15 Lessons and have 20 hours of internship experiences in one week.


Japanese Yen - JPY

Price Chart
6 Week7 Week8 Weeks9 Weeks
295,800 JPY341,700 JPY387,600 JPY433,500 JPY
10 Week11 Week12 Weeks
479,400 JPY525,300 JPY571,200 JPY
Price Chart
6 Week295,800 JPY
7 Week341,700 JPY
8 Weeks387,600 JPY
9 Weeks433,500 JPY
10 Weeks479,400 JPY
11 Weeks525,300 JPY
12 Weeks571,200 JPY
  • The registration fee for all courses is 22,000 JPY
  • The learning materials for all courses are 4,000 JPY


An example week in the Standard Course:

(Japanese Noodle)
Cultural Lessons
If you wish to join a cultural lesson offered as part of an alternative course,
you can choose this option for an additional 5,400 JPY per 90-minute cultural activity.
You can apply each week at the school at the same time as choosing weekly social activities.
  • Sections highlighted in yellow and blue are included in the course fee
  • After school or weekend activities are optional for all students
  • Some activities require additional fees


There are many unique reasons that JaLS courses are
perfect for your Japanese learning needs.

Small Class

Because we limit our class sizes to a maximum of 8 students per teacher, you are guaranteed to get the care and attention that you need to improve your Japanese skills quickly and intensively.

Flexible Start

Because of our flexible style, regardless of your level, you can begin on any Monday and graduate on any Friday. You can even study for as little as 1-week and make the most of your time in Japan.


Because of our full and active school community, there are plenty of activities and chances to make local Japanese friends and enjoy your life in Japan.


6 weeks90 hours of Japanese study (class of 6 students max.)
A minimum of 120 hours internship experience.
A minimum of 6 hours personal supervision and job training.
24 hour emergency support.
7 weeks105 hours of Japanese study (class of 6 students max.)
A minimum of 140 hours internship experience.
A minimum of 7 hours personal supervision and job training.
24 hour emergency support.
8 weeks120 hours of Japanese study (class of 6 students max.)
A minimum of 160 hours internship experience
A minimum of 8 hours personal supervision and job training.
24 hour emergency support.
9 weeks135 hours of Japanese study (class of 6 students max.)
A minimum of 180 hours internship experience
A minimum of 9 hours personal supervision and job training.
24 hour emergency support.
10 weeks150 hours of Japanese study (class of 6 students max.)
A minimum of 200 hours internship experience
A minimum of 10 hours personal supervision and job training.
24 hour emergency support.
11 weeks165 hours of Japanese study (class of 6 students max.)
A minimum of 220 hours internship experience
A minimum of 11 hours personal supervision and job training.
24 hour emergency support.
12 weeks180 hours of Japanese study (class of 6 students max.)
A minimum of 240 hours internship experience.
A minimum of 12 hours personal supervision and job training.
24 hour emergency support.

A 26 week or longer term program is feasible if you have a suitable visa. Please contact us for more details of price and arrangements.

Our Standard + Internship Course promises to support you through

  • A full company induction and access to training relevant to your role, including an Intern Orientation Day.
  • Support for your personal development from an experienced Line Manager. Tailored workshops on writing a resume, applications and interview skills in Japan and overseas.
  • Insight into a real Japanese business environment, and the wider educational sector.
  • Opportunity to build a network of colleagues within the sector.
  • Chance to be a part of our intern led development boards and organize additional events.
  • Access to our internal vacancy lists.


Please refer to the housing on our main page. We can arrange homestay, share house or private apartment accommodation for our Standard + Internship Course students. No deposit is required, and all options are fully furnished and include all service charges.

For further information, click here.

Application process

To apply for Standard + Internship Course we ask that you use our online application. Please select Standard + Internship Course from the course selection list and choose your required accommodation.

Once we have received your application we will contact you, and ask that you submit an up to date resume and an additional cover letter outlining why you would like to work in Japan and what the experience would mean to you.



What kind of visa do I need to come to Japan?
Visa requirements differ from country to country, so please contact us directly for further advice. Students who hold citizenship in many countries are eligible to enter Japan for up to 90 days visa fee. Please see the following website for more information :
(Students from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, France, Germany, UK, Iceland, Denmark, Taiwan, Hong Kong and also able to come to Japan for up to 1 year on a Working Holiday Visa. Our Standard + Internship Course is a great way to begin a Working Holiday in Japan!)
What is included in my fee?
Our fees include all your Japanese Language Course and all study materials. Our fees also include a support package that takes place throughout your internship, 24 hour emergency support, job training and workplace preparation. If you choose our housing option, then your fee also includes all housing and associated costs such as household wifi, heating and water.
(Our fees do not include your airfare to Japan, subway usage, food or social activities, and these should be budgeted for separately.)
Where will I live?
Hokkaido JaLS can organize homestay, share house or private apartment accommodation for IP students. All accommodation is conveniently located within a 20-30 minute commute of the school.

About the Internship

What is a Standard and Internship Course at Hokkaido JaLS?
Our Study and Internship Program  is a 6, 8, 12 or 26 week course offered by Hokkaido JaLS. In the mornings you will study Japanese. In the afternoon you will intern within our own company or with one of our partner placement organizations.
Our internships will provide you with valuable skills and experience to add to your resume and give you a unique experience of working in Japan.
How long is a volunteer internship?
We aim for an Standard + Internship Course to be between 6 and 26 weeks however, within reason, we will try to be flexible. If you are unable to commit to one of these time periods, just make it clear on your application and if possible, we will take this into consideration. Internships will be for at least 4 hours each afternoon.
Who can apply?
The scheme is aimed at undergraduates, graduates and those looking to change careers.
If you are looking to gain valuable work experience and particularly experience of working in Japan, then this may be the scheme for you!
We offer a variety of different roles that can suit different levels of experience and education. Our minimum age requirement is 18, and we have no upper age limit.
What experience do I need?
We appreciate any voluntary or previous work experience you may have had but don’t worry if you don’t have any. We know that many applicants apply for a volunteer internship to get the work experience they need to kick start their career.
The most important thing is that you demonstrate in your cover letter how you would make the most of your time on our Standard + Internship Course by drawing on any experience you have had.
What does the application process involve?
To apply you will need to complete our online application form. Following this, we will contact you and ask you to send an up to date resume and a cover letter detailing the reasons that you would like to take part on our Standard + Internship Course and why you would benefit from the opportunity to learn Japanese and intern in Japan.
For some internships we will also need to have a short interview over skype in order to gauge the suitability of the placement.
What level of responsibility can I expect to have during my Standard + Internship Course?
Our interns are given genuine responsibility and real projects to work on. We recognize that your decision to do an internship with us is an investment in your future career and we want to ensure that this decision is justified.
Is the Internship Program full or part time?
Our Standard + Internship Course is full-time, combining intensive Japanese study each morning, with the chance to intern in an industry sector of your preference in the afternoon.
Where is the Standard + Internship Course based?
Our Standard + Internship Course is based in Hokkaido JaLS, a 5 minute walk from both Odori and Sapporo stations.
Will I get paid?
All Standard + Internship Course internships are unpaid. However, expenses for company related activities will be refunded.
Can a Internship Programu lead to employment?
As an intern with us, you will have access to our internal vacancy list and be able to apply for any opportunities within the company. We will also support you locally to meet relevant business contacts and be a part of our wider network.
Will you provide me with a reference when I leave?
Of course. A full reference, and any relevant paperwork for your university will be fully completed before you finish your period of internship.
Is it possible to intern with Hokkaido JaLS directly?
Our parent company, CO&CO Co., Ltd. is a growing and vibrant organization and we can offer a variety of internship opportunities to reflect this diversity.
Interns could be:
Innovating and piloting new community development ideas and events.
Exploring new fundraising ideas and considering business development.
Supporting our school marketing in Japan and abroad.
Using their language skills to run events for our international and Japanese students.