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JaLS GROUPHokkaido JaLS Level criteria

Level criteria

LevelWhat can you do?JLPT Level
Beginner 1You have never studied Japanese before.
You can not read or write hiragana or kantakana.
You need to progress to B2 to be able to pass N5
Beginner 2You can read and write hiragana and katakana.
You can do a simple self introduction, and answer simple questions such as, ‘What did you do yesterday?’ or ‘What will you do today?’ with short, simple sentences and also talk about these things in conversation.
your goal is to
pass N5
ElementaryYou can talk about your hobbies and experiences in simple sentences.
You can also convey meaning in conversations about basic topics such as, ‘What did you watch on TV?’, or ‘What did you hear from a friend?’
You can ask for directions in Japanese and understand the answer given.
your goal is to
pass N4
Pre-intermediateYou can have simple everyday conversations, using grammar that you are familiar with, but you may have difficulty with grammar you use less often. You can use different levels of Japanese, such as talking with friends, co-workers and people you meet for the first time.
You can also express your feelings or personal explanations with some detail.
your goal is to
pass N3
IntermediateYou are able to have conversations in various places, such as school, your company and when travelling.
You can understand Japanese conversation in a variety of contexts that may take place in daily life and talk freely in conversations about daily problems.
your goal is to
pass N2
Upper-intermediateYou can speak about your own experiences and culture fluently and using longer, more natural sentences.
You can also have conversations with another person in which you show interest in them, and can engage them in a conversation about thoughts, opinions and feelings.
your goal is to
pass N2
AdvancedYou can put together a string of logical sentences and lead converations on a variety of subjects.
You can also use Japanese in specialist and professional situations and in situations that are unfamilar to you.
your goal is to
pass N1