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JLPT Preparation Course

The courses are preparatory for passing JLPT N2 or N3 levels.
This course is especially targeted for students coming from countries where kanjis are not used. In four weeks we will do kanji, grammar, reading comprehension and listening comprehension practices.
Before coming to Japan there will be a Japanese level test that will measure your level in Japanese.
At the day of the course completion we will do one more test to see if you have reached your goals and to find out the results of studying for four weeks.
You can register to take the JLPT Test in Kyoto here You are able to use the school address to register, but please contact us and complete your registration in advance.

Course Period

Due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have canceled our 2023 JLPT course.

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Lessons take place for 3 hours a day, however, the course involves a lot of homework, and students should be prepared for around 3 hours a day of necessary class preparation, homework and self-study. The JLPT course fees are ONLY for the afternoon sessions. Students wishing to study in our morning group classes should also enroll for the Standard Course over their study period.


Japanese Yen - JPY

Price Chart
4 Week
132,000 JPY
Price Chart
4 Week 132,000 JPY
  • The registration fee for all courses is 22,000 JPY
  • The learning materials for all courses are 4,000 JPY


An example week in the JLPT Preparation Course:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9:30~10:20 Self-study (You can use the private study room) Activity
or private study
12:30~13:20 Lunch
13:30~14:20 Listening
14:30~15:20 Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar
15:30~16:20 Reading comprehension Reading comprehension Reading comprehension Reading comprehension Reading comprehension
16:30~18:20 Self-study (There will be a lot of homework so please prepare for the next day) 
Night Activity Activity
Self-study Please do self-study in the morning at school or at dormitory because there will be a lot of homework. Alternatively you can also attend the standard course in the morning in which case you will be taking 6 hours of Japanese lessons a day.
  • Sections highlighted in yellow are included in the course fee
  • After school or weekend activities are optional for all students
  • Some activities require additional fees


To strengthen the weak points of students from countries where kanjis are not used!

There will be homework to do for more than three hours a day to steadily acquire knowledge

You can refresh during weekend activities and also interact with Japanese.


We use the best learning materials and resources
to support your practical Japanese study.

JLPT N2 Course 日本語能力試験直前対策N2/新完全マスター文法N2/新完全マスター読解N2/日本語総まとめN2聴解…など
JLPT N3 Course 日本語能力試験直前対策N3/新完全マスター文法N3/日本語総まとめ読解N3/日本語総まとめN3聴解…など