Choose from our variety of courses to suit your needs.


Kyoto JaLS aims to support you to find the best fit possible
for your Japanese learning needs in a supported and flexible environment.

Winter Course

Winter in Kyoto is a season when natural beauty stands out. Savour the beautiful views of falling snow on Kyoto’s temples and shrines. Come and enjoy the tradition of Kyoto while studying Japanese language in the warm and cozy surroundings of our school!

In addition to taking 15 lessons of Japanese a week, and 2 cultural lessons and 3 activities a week.

Winter Course

(Monday) 6th Jan 2025 – (Friday) 14th Feb 2025 (maximum 6 weeks)
47,800 JPY / week
Introductory to advanced (all levels)
9: 30 ~ 12: 20 (1 day 50 minutes lesson 3 frames)
Class size
Maximum 8 people
30 people



Japanese Yen - JPY

Price Chart
1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks5 Weeks6 Weeks
47,800 JPY95,600 JPY143,400 JPY191,200 JPY234,220 JPY277,240 JPY
7 Weeks8 Weeks9 Weeks10 Weeks11 Weeks12 Weeks
320,260 JPY363,280 JPY406,300 JPY449,320 JPY492,340 JPY535,360 JPY
Price Chart
1 Week47,800 JPY
2 Weeks95,600 JPY
3 Weeks143,400 JPY
4 Weeks191,200 JPY
5 Weeks10%OFF234,220 JPY
6 Weeks10%OFF277,240 JPY
7 Weeks10%OFF320,260 JPY
8 Weeks10%OFF363,280 JPY
9 Weeks10%OFF406,300 JPY
10 Weeks10%OFF449,320 JPY
11 Weeks10%OFF492,340 JPY
12 Weeks10%OFF535,360 JPY
  • Starting at week 5, you will receive a 10% discount for every extra week (43,020 JPY)
  • The registration fee for all courses is 22,000 JPY
  • The learning materials for all courses are 4,000 JPY


Kyoto is a city surrounded by
beautiful rivers and forests.

We are waiting
for you!

The advantage of Kyoto in winter

If you wish the visit the rest of the Kansai region, Osaka, Kobe, and other cities are a quick and comfortable train ride away, even in winter.
From January to March, there are plenty of seasonal events held at temples and shrines, which are an ideal way of sampling traditional Japanese culture.


There are many unique reasons that JaLS courses are
perfect for your Japanese learning needs.

Small Class

Because we limit our class sizes to a maximum of 8 students per teacher, you are guaranteed to get the care and attention that you need to improve your Japanese skills quickly and intensively.

Flexible Start

Because of our flexible style, regardless of your level, you can begin on any Monday and graduate on any Friday. You can even study for as little as 1-week and make the most of your time in Japan.


Because of our full and active school community, there are plenty of activities and chances to make local Japanese friends and enjoy your life in Japan.

In order to improve your Japanese conversational skills within a short period of time, we focus on three main areas – practice, speak and use! The classes at Kyoto JaLS are designed for a maximum of 8 people in each class. This way, our teachers are able to coach our students individually, giving you plenty of chance to clarify doubts and practice Japanese. After class, students are encouraged to use Japanese actively out of school and on the streets of Kyoto!

Example of Japanese Lessons

Beginner level

Shopping in Japanese
1.Learning grammar and vocabulary in class
2.Using the new grammar and vocabulary while shopping!

Intermediate level

Writing a report on popular restaurants and shops
1.Learn how to conduct an interview in Japanese
2. Interview people at the restaurant/shop
3. Write, draw, create a report!

Practice Japanese in cultural experience and activities

At Kyoto JaLS, students get many chances to use Japanese outside of the classroom. Every day, we have a mini event for JaLS students, staff, students from local universities, and working adults from Kyoto to meet, interact and have fun together. It’s a great way for you to practice Japanese and make new friends!

We strongly encourage our short-term students to participate in the after-class activities. By speaking to our volunteers in Japanese, your language skills will advance rapidly and you will be able to enjoy speaking Japanese!

Learning support

Complimentary use of our café lounge

Students who choose not to take part in after class activities are free to study in our café lounge. Teachers are available in the staff room to answer your questions. We hope this will aid you in your studies!

Exchange session with local Japanese

It is important to talk Japanese with the teachers, but if you get a chance to speak with other local Japanese, it is a good practice too. During your stay in Japan, Kyoto JaLS’s exchange session will help you make friends with Japanese people.

Free Japanese lessons

Every week we offer free Japanese lessons. From conversation classes with Japanese locals to a place to practice kanji, the lessons are varied and lots of fun.

More than 100 reference books available for your use

If you have any questions during your self study time, please feel free to ask your teachers. We are more than happy to help you find the study method and materials that fit you best.